How to Become the #1 Preferred Manufacturing Workplace - What is your job-seeker looking for in 2022?

Having dealt with recruiting problems of dozens of manufacturing clients across Ontario, we have critically analyzed how competitive the marketplace is.

For any firm that aims at bringing in the best talent available, it is very necessary to focus on the continuously evolving demands of job-seekers.

To help you with the same, we at M&M turned to our hiring experts and asked them to lay down the top factors that affect/ inspire a candidate’s decision to look for and start working at a manufacturing company.

The list given below would help you in evaluating your own brand image wrt your ideal candidate’s job expectations:

1) A+ Work Culture

Only if we could emphasize this one enough:

Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game - it is the game! In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create something valuable.

This becomes more relevant in an industry like manufacturing; where the output of one’s labor is easily viewable in physical form.

Professional job-seekers always prefer to work in a highly-determined and results-oriented team. Hence, it is necessary that you put in ample effort to craft an apt work culture at your factory.

If the work environment is poor, your employees are going to have a rough time at work, no matter how dedicated & qualified they are.

2) Company Ethics

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business” - Henry Ford.

For any working person, the company that they work for represents their own values, ethics, & a part of their existence. The Gen Z workforce has begun to look at work beyond the metrics of profitability and productivity.

To break the stereotypes of the past, manufacturing businesses need to craft a modern brand image for themselves. This includes taking their overall social, economic, and ecological impact into consideration.

The future trend is clear - companies that prioritize human values, equality & respect for all, fairer wages, a safe working environment, eco-conscious strategizing, sustainability goals, etc. will end up attracting the majority of younger talent.

3) Compensation & Perks

One of the most important factors that heavily drives suitable talent to your firm is what you offer to them in exchange for their services.

Your compensation strategy shouldn’t just be limited to providing competitive salaries, but a mixture of a lot of things.

Feel free to refer to our ultimate perks and benefits checklist for getting a deeper understanding of what a well-thought compensation policy looks like.

4) DE&I - Because all of us belong to one universal family

It is not our differences that divide us; but our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. No one wants to share a working space with people that still have prejudices based on race, nationality, gender, color, etc.

Hence, to invite top-tier talent to your workplace, you need to have effective in-house DE&I policies. Diversion & Inclusion doesn’t begin and end within the office walls of HR - everyone has a role to play.

Just having a diverse pool of employees isn’t enough.

It should always be accompanied by creating a company culture of mutual respect and acceptance for everyone.

5) Career Advancement Opportunities

One of the prime blockages that prevent younger talent from aspiring to join a manufacturing business is the insecurity of zero future growth.

To win an advantage here, your firm needs to step ahead and introduce in-house training programs that accelerate the career growth curve for your employees.

We talk about the same in detail here:

How to go about up-skilling and re-skilling your manufacturing workplace in 2022?

6) Mental Well-Being

Since the pandemic, the awareness regarding mental wellness has risen to amazing levels. Employees today are well-informed as to why it is so crucial to be in a healthy mental state.

To support the same priorities, you need to have regular mental health check-ins with your employees.

Build an environment of openness, privacy, and trust. Ask as many questions as possible; actively listening to their answers. Encourage your staff to look after their mental health, and assist their journey with relevant resources.

Warmth and empathy should be your driving forces while holding 1 on 1 discussions with your workforce.

Always remember: employees make your organization. If we cater to their well-being, we, in turn, cater to the success of the organization.

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