M&M Recruiting Group provides a One Stop Solution for all their clients and candidates.

Temporary Staffing

24-7-365 Model with Guaranteed 1 Hour Fulfillment

M&M Recruiting Group offers temporary employees to our clients as an alternative to hiring them full-time. Based on your company needs and the business strategy we provide temporary employees when they are needed all year round.

Temporary to Permanent

Cost Effective

We provide our clients with the option of permanently hiring our temporary staff. This option works great when our clients want to try out the talent before making long-term decisions.

Contract Staffing

M&M Recruiting Group provides the option to our clients to hire contract employees when there is a need of an employee for a longer period of time without permanently hiring them. This service is ideal for maternity leaves and long-term sick leaves.

Permanent Recruitment

We assume all the hiring responsibilities for marketing and networking, screening candidates, conducting and arranging interviews with our clients, short listing, reference checks, and finally the hiring arrangements. We take pride in our work and do not charge our clients until the hiring process is complete.

Executive Search

M&M Professional search partners are experienced in searching for executive level candidates for junior, middle and senior positions. We specialize in various industries and in all areas including, the public, private and non-profit sectors.

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Pay Roll Services

We provide our clients with value-added pay roll services so that our clients can focus on their core business. We take care of tax laws, calculations, online deposits, regulations, paperwork and dealing with statutory authorities when we have an experienced team to handle it all. Our cost effective and time sensitive pay roll services will provide you hassle free peace of mind.

Mass Recruitment

Mass Recruitment involves the recruiting of full time, part-time temporary, seasonal, permanent or contracted candidates of large quantity (i.e. 100+ people). With our years of experience, the system and sources we use, we are extremely successful in the mass recruitment scenarios.

Candidate Selection, Training and Hiring

At M&M we customize our recruitment process for each job placement because we know every position and client is unique and we work around that before anything else. We always put our candidates through a vigorous screening process, interviews and background and verification checks hbecause we know that will allow our clients to make an informed decision on hiring the right person. This has proven to result in greater productivity and reduced turnover for our clients so they can build a team they are proud of and focus on working to grow their business. Our hiring process is like no other, because our team of experts specialize in their field so they know exactly what type of talent will suit the job and what assessment and verification system is necessary to allow you to make an exceptional hiring decision.