FGF Brands got rid of their 6 months old problem, thanks to M&M.

Client Testimonial

"I wish to thank M&M for helping us get rid of an issue that wasn't letting us sleep at night. This coordination experience with the folks at M&M has been so much effortless and better than that with our previous talent suppliers. Happy to work together in the future!"

About Client

FGF Brands is a tech company that bakes. Consumer-focused and always in harmony with evolving consumer preferences, they master technology to create food people want — affordable, artisan quality with the cleanest possible ingredients.

With facilities in Canada and the US, folks at FGF innovate, bake, package, and ship hundreds of thousands of products each day to retail and food service clients around the world.


FGF Brands was on an active lookout for reliable candidates suitable for their high-paced manufacturing environment.

While the company was all ready to hire top-tier talent, their staffing partner didn't pay heed to their requirements for half a year. This tremendously affected the production lines negatively.

While hunting for a trustworthy and result-oriented recruiting partner, FGF reached out to us via a referral.


Once this new client walked in, it was time for action at M&M.

  • Before anything else, we took time to understand the client requirements, job criteria, production line specifics, etc. This was followed by clear strategic planning.
  • Since the size of operations and job requirements were very big, we decided to move ahead accordingly.
  • 2 recruiters were assigned to FGF Brands as their points of contact. Quick and regular communication was maintained throughout the project, with continuous updates and feedback loops.


After clearly laying down the skillset & other requirements, we began searching for the ideal candidates.

  • The digital marketing team quickly rolled out job ads to create an extra funnel of incoming candidates.
  • We tapped into our mega database and ran a highly filtered screening process to pick suitable talent.
  • A heavy pipeline was put into place to immediately respond to any candidate replacement needs post rejections and backouts.
  • After screenings and back-to-back interviews, we had a final set of 30 befitting people (10 for each shift).
  • We managed the transportation needs to send this talent pool to their workplace for the first working day.
  • After the day was over, we sought feedback from both the client's and candidates' sides.

This was to make sure that the client was satisfied and the candidates too liked the job and would be returning.

  • We also had a replacement process on standby, in case any candidate(s) decided to not show up post-hire. Thankfully, no such thing happened.


  • It was a perfect match between the job requirements and the candidates' skillsets.
  • There were no immediate replacement or dissatisfaction complaints.
  • We achieved the preset retention goals, with most candidates working long-term for the client.
  • Moving ahead with our collaboration with FGF, we were able to provide them with a full-time team of 100+ people within the next few months.

FGF Brands continues to be our happy client for 5+ years now. M&M is always a call away, but we've hardly received any major complaints from their end.

This client, like many others, ranks us as their #1 go-to choice for any recruitment and staffing needs.

We are proud of the results we brought in for them and would be more than happy to do the same for you.

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